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Welcome! Do you want to play your sport while studying abroad? Infinitum Sports will connect you with the top American, Canadian or British schools! Our job is to find the perfect school/college for you where you’ll get the best possible scholarship!

All you have to do is apply via our website and let Infinitum Sports put you in the position to succeed at the next level!

So how do we do this? Once your application is received, our team evaluates it, speaks with your parents to gather more details on what you specifically want, and afterward we formally present you with one or multiple offers.

Once you’ve chosen the offer with your parents, we connect you with the school and stay nearby to assist with any necessary paperwork. After you depart for your school, you can contact us any time of the week for assistance!

Athletic vs. Academic scholarship

Athletic scholarship is when a school/university gives you a full or a partial discount based on your sport’s performance.

An example: In NCAA D1 basketball, you can only get a full scholarship. For high school or prep basketball, you can get a full or a partial scholarship.

Academic scholarship is when a school/university gives you a partial discount based on your school grades (academic performance.) This can be anywhere from 20-80% of the total cost of the studies.

Become Our Scout

Infinitum Sports pays you!
Earn up by providing us a player by being our scout.

We hire selected people each month to whom we provide quick training for them to become our scouts. Once you apply to become our scout, we will take you through training which will enable you to perform at your best!

Please fill out the info below and we will contact you via WhatsApp.

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