Nemanja Nedimovic

Nemanja Nedimovic

Chief executive officer, Co-Founder

WhatsApp:  +1 305 985 9666

Nemanja is an ex-student athlete who went to Redemption Christian School, Jacksonville College, and the University of Singdinum. Before going to the ​States, he has competed on a high level in Serbian Basketball leagues.

Infinitum Sports was founded by Nemanja Nedimovic and Aleksandar Zlatkovic back at the end of 2018. Both of them have gone through US high school and university so they understand and have experienced the educational and sports system in the United States. They have gained sports connections in almost every part of the World.

Back in the day, they were kids who went to the USA and left without anyone experienced to help them so they went through a harder way to find out about educational and sports systems in the USA. For that reason, they have started working together because they realized that both of them had a very similar life story when it comes to difficulties they have experienced as student-athletes in the United States. Further, this business has never been just a job to them, this is their life. They are very passionate about helping other athletes achieve their dreams and goals through Infinitum Sports.

Right now, Nemanja and Aleksandar are both successful in their jobs and they have had help over a thousand athletes to reach their goals and experience of competing on the high level in multiple sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, etc.