Aleksandar Zlatkovic

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

email: aleksandar@infinitum-sports.com
Phone number: +381 62 612 088

Aleksandar is a former basketball player who received a full scholarship to play basketball and study in the United States. He attended Montgomery Academy, LBW junior college and NCAA DI Kennesaw State University as a walk-on on a full academic scholarship. He holds B.A. in Political Science focused in International Relations.

Since its foundation in 2018 by former college basketball players from Serbia, Nemanja Nedimovic and Aleksandar Zlatkovic, Infinitum Sports has been the driving force behind athletes’ dreams, offering a comprehensive array of services to propel them towards success.

Back in the day, Nemanja and Aleksandar were two teenage boys who went to the USA without any experienced help. They faced tough times navigating the educational and sports systems there. That’s when they teamed up, realizing they shared similar struggles as student-athletes. Infinitum Sports isn’t just a job for them; it’s their life. They’re deeply passionate about helping athletes achieve their dreams and goals.

With operations spanning across 30+ countries, Infinitum Sports specializes in sports development, recruiting, organization of sports events, and digital marketing services.

Through a rich history of excellence, we have garnered a reputation for delivering unparalleled support and guidance to aspiring athletes worldwide.