Individual skills development Camp

Basic Info

Location: Novi Sad

Date: Whole year available

Programs: 14 days or 21 days

We work with professional coaches who have experience working with NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup players. Most of our Coaches are from countries such as Serbia, Spain, USA, Grecee, etc.

For this reason, all our players who attend the camp go through a basketball school where everything is based on fundamentals and the use of basketball IQ to outsmart their opponents.

Basic Daily Schedule

7.15 AM – Breakfast

7.50 AM – Going to trainings

8 AM to 11 AM – Game time/practices

11 AM-11.30 AM – Break time and heading back to the hotel

12.30 AM – Lunchtime

From 1 PM-3 PM – Rest and relax time

3.15 PM – Getting back to the gym

3.30 to 5.30 PM – Game time/practices

6 PM – Heading to the hotel

6.30 PM – Dinner

7 PM – Optionally, after 7 PM individual practices, gym training, games, and outside activities.

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