Absolutely! After your application has been processed, you will receive between 1-5, or more offers from us! Then, you and your parents can evaluate each offer and choose the best one for you!

Full scholarships at a high school level are offered to the best student-athletes only. You have to be an exceptional talent to get a full scholarship. After we review your application, we will tell you if you qualify for the full scholarship!

You can be between 13 and 18 years old to receive a partial or a full scholarship for your sport at a high school level.

Schools such as IMG cost $60,000+. All of the schools that we work with giving scholarships to our players. This means that we have clients who pay for a high school between $6,000 and $45,000

Better schools cost the most, but if you’re a very good player, even the best school can give you a big scholarship!

If you’re an elite type of player, we will find the full scholarship for you!